How to vote in election The correct way to vote with EVM (in Hindi)

How to vote in election How to vote with EVM 

The biggest festival of democracy is voting, when our country was liberated, voting was made through ballot paper. But by the time the Election Commission has started using the technology in elections, which has given rise to fairness and transparency in voting. EVMs used in VVPAT will be exercised for the formation of the seventeenth Lok Sabha. In voting you should come to use EVM if you do not have information about this, then this page is being told about voting in elections and the use of EVM.

The right way to vote

There is a production officer at the polling station, besides 4 to 5 polling officers and agents. All the polling officers are sitting in the line. When you go to the polling place, you will have to show your voter ID card to the polling officer. It will match your name with the voter list.

After this, you will have to show your identity card to the second officer. They will see the electoral numbers from the voter ID and enter them in their register.

Now you will have to go to the third polling officer, he will put ink on your finger and will allow you to vote.

Now you have to come to the EVM machine, the name and photo of the candidate in the EVM machine remain on the left-hand side. There is a red light and a blue button next to the candidate.

First of all, you have to see the photo and election marks in the name of all the candidates given on the machine. From this, you have to press the blue button in front of the name of your candidate according to your wishes, as soon as you press it, the sound of a PEEE will be heard.

At the same time, you will see VVPAT, it will generate the slip of the votes given by you, it will remain on screen for up to seven seconds. That is, you can make sure that you have received the one you have voted for. You can come back after seeing the slip. Thus your voting is completed.


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