How To Qualify PCS Exam – Topper Tips For PCS Exam

How to Qualify PCS Exam  

Candidates in the PCS (Provincial Civil Services) Examination are selected by the State Civil Services Examination conducted by the State Public Service Commission. In this examination lakhs of students join the number every year, in which some people get success in the exam. A lot of things to achieve success is to keep in mind | Of these, the most important study material, suitable study materials you can easily achieve success can | When we take advice or guidelines from a successful or experienced candidate, we will definitely get some new information.

Tips To Crack PCS Exam

Telling you on this page a group of people who have Uttar Pradesh State Public Service Commission Examinations conducted by 2015 was introduced, come know that the UP PCS-2011 touters were announced.

PCS Topper Siddharth Yadav

Siddhartha Fishshahar is native to Jaunpur. Siddharth’s father, Jagmohan Yadav, has been posted as DGP in the Deputy Police Department. His mother is a Sumnatala Housewife. Siddhartha’s early education took place in Lucknow. He obtained a high school exam City Montessori school year from Lucknow passed the digit 83.8 percent in 2004, and Inter exams Army Public School, Lucknow passed from 89.8 percentage points in 2007. He studied B.Tech in Electronics and Communication from Motilal Nehru Engineering College, Allahabad.

His friends inspired him to go to the administrative service in Allahabad, so he got success in the preliminary examination of the PCS in 2013 and the main exam was included in 2014 but success did not succeed. Despite the failure, he did not lose heart and in the third attempt in 2015 topped the examination.

Meanwhile, Siddhartha was also sitting in the IAS examination in 2014, but success was not achieved. He says, ” That’s the goal of becoming a PCS due to its job in the state. Siddharth, who reached this goal by regular and regular study of four to five hours, said that youth should not be very emotional, should try till succeed.

Manglesh Dube  ‘s Zubani

Manglesh Dubeji has secured second place in PCS 2015. He is originally from Narayanpur Art Suvansha, Pratapgarh. Mangalesh’s father Narendra Kumar is a branch postmaster in Dube village, Manglesh passed first-class high school in 1999 from Badshahpur, Jaunpur. KP College graduated from Pratapgarh in second class in 2001, after graduating in the first class from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

After this, he passed his MA as a personal student from Kashi University Varanasi. Although initially an average student, he also made preparations for competitive examinations, so in 2009 he was selected in Lower and was an Excise Inspector. In 2008, the Marketing Inspector was elected as the District Minorities Welfare Officer 2014.

“Manglesh said that since 2007, he continued to have an interview for almost a dozen jobs. In 2009, IAS joined the examination and reached the interview, but did not succeed. Manglesh says, that the hours of studies were not high, but who read the whole mind. Speaking, after intermediate, was the way to become a doctor, but Dhanav showed me the path of these jobs, so here we came.

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