5 Tips for General Knowledge (GK) for Railway Examination – Railway Exam

Indian Railways is going to organize the biggest test of its history, the examination will be recruited for more than 90 thousand posts, in this examination about 30 million candidates have applied from the entire country, this examination is done in Hindi and English will be organized in 15 languages. General knowledge is very important in railway exams, because in the correct answer, a score is received, it takes less time to solve it, this topic can provide the candidate with a place in the merit in the examination, Therefore, the candidate should hold good on this subject. This page is providing information regarding the increase in general knowledge for the Railway Examination.

Importance of General Knowledge

In the Railway Examination, questions related to General Knowledge and Current Affairs are asked in more numbers, according to the examination course approximately 25% questions are related to GK and Current Affairs, so this topic becomes very important.

Books of common sense

To increase general knowledge, many types of books related to railway exams are available in the market, through which you can expand your general knowledge, while buying books, select the good publisher and author, so that we get the right information. In some books, wrong information has often been found, if the candidate uses such books, then he will have the wrong information and Thus, the answer of the candidate will be wrong in the original examination, and due to negative marking, the marks will be deducted from the right questions, therefore, always the authentic books should be studied.

Daily Newspaper study

To prepare for the Railway Examination, it is very important for you to read the newsletter, through its study, you will get the information about the events happening in the country and abroad on time. To make good preparation of the exam, you should study at least two newspapers, which will get the information of missed news from a newsletter in another newspaper.

Social Group Discussion

Discussion in social groups is a very effective method for increasing general knowledge, for this, you have to identify such social groups on which important issues of the current time can be discussed, in these groups you discuss different topics By increasing your general knowledge, you can increase your thinking and communication ability.

Online games

In the present time, there are many types of online games available through the Internet, through which you can increase your general knowledge, you should play a game every day, which will improve your general knowledge very fast.

Final Words;

For daily information  about General Knowledge for the Railway Examination, candidates can also check our daily current affairs page. If there is any kind of question related to your information related to this information, or any other information related to it, then through the comment box, tail We can wait for the feedback and suggestions you have made.

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